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Here you can appreciate and access images and information about cameras from different eras.

Some of them correspond to the analogical photography that is done with the help of a photosensitive film of roll or reel, which requires a subsequent process of development and copying to paper.

The evolution of film and video technology has been as impressive or more than that of photography. Although now we have very sophisticated compact digital cameras, a few years ago their size and weight were considerable and their possibilities very limited.

Projectors are essential components for film, video and sometimes photography, since they are the elements that allow the visualization of the images and sounds obtained.

These equipments help to tell the evolutionary history of the capture and the handling of the images.

While the key elements of photography, film and video are cameras and projectors, there is a wide diversity of accessories and complementary elements and many of them are fundamental.

Some of these objects are quite strange and amazing and worth exploring.

Recent objects

Photography camera (análoga)
United States of America - 1926

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Projector (Super 8)
United States of America - 1969

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How to contribute?

This virtual museum aims to share information and photographs of a series of equipment and objects that are part of the history of photography. They are very few considering the amount of objects that have taken place over many decades. However, we hope to continue growing with our own efforts and with the contribution of friends and other people who value this project.

There are several ways to contribute to this museum:

We hope that our work will awaken interest in the knowledge and appreciation of photography, film and video and their stories.